While contestants may use any pea shooter that meets NPSA specification, the NPSA endorses and provides COMET Pea Shooters for the Championship. Please refer to the Rules page regarding custom pea shooters and the use of sighting (laser or other) and stabilizing systems. In most cases these are allowed but some restrictions that may apply.
The NPSA endorses and provides Hurst’s Whole Green Peas for the Championship. Hurst’s Whole Green Pea has been found to provide the highest level of consistency in weight, size, and shape for competition.
The Official Target of the NPSA National Pea Shooting Championship is a custom made target that uses a standard 12" roll of tin foil. Target rings are created by pressing the foil against an embossed backer behind the foil. The soft backing behind the foil allows the peas to penetrate into the foil leaving a clear imprint of where they hit the target. The concentric rings are 2″, 5″ and 10″ diameter. The target can hold a 50 foot roll of foil and allows used targets to be replaced quickly.
Tin foil pie pans, available at grocery stores, make perfect practice targets. They are inexpensive and hits can be smoothed out so they can be used many times over before needed to be changed out.