Championship Rules


  • Age groups for Championship: 18 years and older, 12 – 17 years, 5-11 years
  • It is the contestants’ responsibility to check for the schedule, locations, and rules of the NPSA National Pea Shooting Championship


  • All contestants must register prior to competing
  • Contestants may only register and compete once per championship

Pea Shooters

  • Pea shooter may not exceed 30cm (12in) in length
  • Pea shooters can be made of any material
  • Pea shooters can be customized. For example laser sights, and stabilizing (see below)
  • Tripods and other supporting devices are not permitted. Pea shooters must be hand held and free standing in all other ways. Stabilizing devices attached to the pea shooter are permitted providing they do not touch any part of the contestant
  • Pea shooters cannot be shared by contestants


  • Only peas provided by the NPSA may be used. However, contestants can select their peas from those supplied
  • Peas must be fired by blowing with the mouth
  • Only one pea at a time may be “loaded” or chambered per shot
  • Peas must be loaded into mouth manually, one at a time. No devices may be used to load or stream peas for loading
  • Peas for practice purposes must be purchased by contestants


  • Target distance is 15 feet from shooting line for ages 12 and up
  • Target distance is 10 feet from shooting line for ages 5-11
  • Targets are circular, with concentric rings of 10, 5 and 2 inch diameter
  • Target diameter for first rounds are 10 inch diameter
  • Target diameter for quarter final is 5 inch diameter
  • Target diameter for semi final is 5 inch diameter
  • Target diameter for final is 2 inch diameter


  • Scoring is the same for all age categories
  • 1st Round: 10″ target/10 peas – Three or more hits to advance to quarter-final
  • Quarter Final: 5″ target/10 peas – Two or more hits to advance to semi-final
  • Semi Final: 5″ target/unlimited peas – Within 60 secs. The highest 10 scorers advance to finals
  • Finals: 2″ target/25 peas
    • Order of play is determined by drawing names
    • The winner is the contestant who hits target the most times with allotment of peas
    • In the event of a draw the highest scorers with shoot another 10 peas within 30 seconds
    • The contestant with the highest number of hits wins the National Pea Shooting Championship

2016 NPSA Championship Titles

  • National Pea shooting Champion – 5-11 Years – 2016
  • National Pea shooting Champion – 12-17 Years – 2016
  • National Pea Shooting Champion – Adult – 2016

All rules are subject to change. All changes will be posted on is the location of all official rules and regulations for the National Pea Shooting Championship.

In the case of disputes regarding scoring or the interpretation of the rules, the referee’s decision is final.