National Pea Shooting Championship 2014 Highlights

The first NPSA National Pea Shooting Championship is complete. Almost 70 competitors battled for hours on October 11, 2014 in a variety of heats designed to test accuracy and consistency of shooting skills.

The sport is new to the U.S., with most of the competitors being novices. But that didn’t dampen interest or intensity of competitor or observer.

“I knew folks would be interested in this new sport but I admit I was surprised at the high intensity level of the competitors. And even more so by the rapt attention of the audience throughout.” 
Dan Wensley, NPSA

The championship ended in appropriate high drama with three elimination rounds needed after the finals for ages 5-11 ended in a tie.

National Pea Shooting Champion 2014, Adult: James Rosar (Photo with Beverly Amsler/NPR’s Only A Game)

James Rosar National Pea Shooting Champion 2014


National Pea Shooting Champion 2014, 12-17 Years: Zach Dauel

National Pea Shooting Champion 2014, 5-11 Years: Jackson Wills